Talking Social Analytics with Robert Scoble

The other day, Robert Scoble came by the Hangar to visit and interview me on social analytics. Honestly, it was kind of a professional “bucket list” experience, and, as a bonus, a really enjoyable conversation.

We talked social media measurement, how companies are exploring social media, who’s doing interesting things, what influence means (and doesn’t mean) and where it’s all (maybe) going.

Robert uses Flipzu on his iPhone for podcasting, which was great except for the fact that it tends to stop broadcasting when he gets a call, which, being Scoble, is pretty frequent. So the interview is in four parts. Here they are:

I’d love to continue the conversation here or here or even here. Thoughts? Questions? Disagreements? Send them my way!

About susanetlinger

Industry Analyst at Altimeter Group
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