TED Talk: What do we do with all this big data?

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 8.16.21 AMOn September 23, 2014, I had the honor of presenting a talk on Big Data at TED@IBM at the SFJazz Center in San Francisco, California alongside an amazing group of people, including Altimeter’s own Charlene Li.

It was an incredible day; I walked away with so many new ideas and questions about data, society, technology, culture and where we’re headed. Today, the team at TED posted my talk on TED.com. I am beyond honored and grateful, particularly to Juliet Blake and Anna Enerio at TED, and Michela Stribling and Jacqueline Saenz at IBM for coaching me through what I can only call a transformative experience.

This talk comes from my head and my heart, and I hope you enjoy it.



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Industry Analyst at Altimeter Group
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2 Responses to TED Talk: What do we do with all this big data?

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  2. Hank Chan says:

    Thanks so much for giving us such a insightful and inspiring talk on big data. I’ve always had a feeling that big data is not solution for everything but it’s your talk that brings the issue to a deeper level.

    Many thanks


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